The Power of 3D on the Web and Introduction to Three.js by Nate Argaw // Carolina Code Conference

The web is an awesome place and 3D gives it a new dimension. The goal of this talk is to motivate you to try 3D Web Development with Three.js. 3D allows you to engage the user and communicate your complex ideas clearly and effectively. 3D on the web is powerful and easy to use because Three.js utilizes the power of WebGL and the convenience of a 3D JavaScript Library. 3D on the web is creative and fun because it allows you to create almost anything from your imagination. The talk also provides resources on how to get started, continue to learn and join a community of developers interested in 3D Web Development.

Target Audience: All Levels
Topics: Showcase animation geometry
Presenter: @Nate_A

The Carolina Code Conference is a polyglot conference that takes place every August in Greenville, SC. @Nate_A provided a lightning talk about Three.js that generated a lot of interest!

This was the only Three.js related talk from this year’s event but all talks have been shared on YouTube for those interested.