Looking for Three.js Web Devleoper can teach to junior developer as an instructor

Hi, I am a programming lecture manager - especially, frontend in Korea.

These days, three.js technology is becoming an issue in Korea, so there are many students who want to learn. But in Korea, it is not enough lectures to learn about three.js.

So I’m in the planning stage for the relevant lecture - This lecture will include HTML,CSS, CAVAS and Three.js.

Threrefore, looking for Three.js developer who want to teach to junior developer and can speak Korean fluently.

  1. Three.js. Developer who can explain basic contents of materials, light sources, etc. and give lectures by making simple examples.
    Typical examples are

  2. Three.js Developer who can implement one eventful web page using three.js technology and inform students through lectures.
    Typical examples are
    Bruno Simon

If you are interested in one thing or two things, please email me - aelimhan@day1company.co.kr

I will explain more details by e-mail.


Hi, I have developed threejs cannon virtual world engine, and have teaching background

Please see my threejs portfolio

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