The hard way a round cube is made

The hard way a round cube is made

the link:

Thanks to Three.js Team!!!


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Nice variation.

It also looks interesting with wireframe.

There are other rounded cubes if required.

Round-edged box
Round-edged box 2

Round-edged box 3
Addon to create special / extended geometries - #3 by hofk

Fillet (rounded) box / webgl-sandbox


and this one


Hi @hofk

I tried to make / webgl-sandbox compatible with version160 but I did not succeed! :woozy_face:

However, Thanks for the attention!

PS: Now I am trying to bring Fillet (rounded) box to version 160.

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Hi @hofk and @prisoner849 and @Fyrestar

I think that the best way to do a rounded box is:

that I passed to version 160, based in @prisoner849 and @Fyrestar works! :wink:

PS 20240103: I did a new page based in RoundedBoxGeometry.js, with three types of textures:

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