The Gown and the Shipwreck - Interactive Documentary

Hello everyone, I’m excited to share a project that I’m truly proud of.

The Gown and the Shipwreck is a captivating multimedia project comprising a three-part TV series, a five-episode podcast, and an interactive experience.

The Interactive is an immersive 3D scrollytelling website, powered by Three.js, that takes you on a journey starting above the Dutch island Texel. Your adventure unfolds as you join the divers in their boat, immersing yourself in their world. Descend into the depths of the sea, exploring the shipwreck and its hidden treasures. As you continue scrolling, resurface above water and travel back in time to 1660, witnessing the ship in its original state before the tragic event unfolded.

Love to hear how you experience it!

This is a co-production between Prospektor and NTR and developed by Lievestro, Q42, Innerworld, and Superaarde


This is my experience.

@PavelBoytchev thanks for letting me know! There was a typo in the link, updated it!

Correct link is:

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Man… what a cool experience! Loved it… super informative, and amazing presentation!

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