Help building a sailing viewer

Hi all,

I am currently trying to build a Sailing viewer based on this demo: 3DSea 2014

It looks great and it has many options to customize the ocean, the boat behaviour, the weather, the coasline and many more.

I would like to ask the community if anyone could help me on this project trying to replicate this demo.

I am newbie to threejs so I would like to hire some freelance services to make it happen.

@seanwasere, you built the Gerstner Water Shader demo which looks amazing and I am using it as a starter point. Would you like to help me with this initiative?

Thanks so much!


I m a senior threejs , webgl , react three fiber developer with for 7 years experiences.
after check the reference website , i can handle this job perfectly.

I would like to discuss more details via telegram or discord or slack

telegram : @DSODIN

discord : DS-3dworld#0020
thank you

That’s a great example.

That guy certainly has some skills.
It’s much better than my demo.

This is his contact info.
tamapolis : Javi Agenjo’s personal blog (

I have some updated Gerstner wave examples which might be easier to reverse engineer.

Gerstner Wave with Fog : Gerstner Water with Fog - JSFiddle
Gertsner Wave usig Skybox : Gerstner Water with Sky Box - JSFiddle
Land on a Square minigame : Land on a Square - JSFiddle

Here is another demo I found on github.
GitHub : leeboardtools/bythelee: Javascript 3D sailing simulator (
Game : By The Lee (

And an apparent wind simulator.
GitHub : flyinggorilla/ (

I am unable to help unless it was a proper contract at contract rates and I’m too busy really with many of my own things. So sorry.

I think the authors of these other examples though are more suited to the job, and would probably understand how my Gerstner examples work.

Hi @seanwasere , thanks for your quick reply. It would be great if we could work on a proper contract and understand how much it will cost to have this demo replicated in threejs. Could you please share me your contact details so we can sync up?

Thanks so much

Hello, I am very interested in this so i am offering you a quick free demo in an hour. since this is just an hour work you would only be able to adjust amplitude of the wave. let me know if you are interested


Hi sir
I’m threejs expert with +7 years of experience
This task is still available?
If so please let me know
Then discuss further thanks

Just to give you an idea of what can be done using three.js, here is a old demo (from 6 years ago) that uses Fast Fourier Transformations (FFT) to create waves. Elsewhere, I have posted a request for advice on how to update this program and to add cascading maps - to eliminate tiling. However, at your altitude, tiling may not be an issue. I will be interested in seeing the result of your efforts.

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