Journey on a pirate ship as personal portfolio

Hi there,

I’d like to share my new website:

As I said in the title, the concept is a journey on a pirate ship where you can find infos on what I do.

If anyone has any suggestion or feedback, I’m glad to hear it.

Thanks :pirate_flag:


Really nice work! Keep it up.

Thank you! :wink:

Wow ! It’s quite impressive ! I really love your work ! The idea and the realization. What is the development time of such a website?

My feedback for improvement : First I wonder if the quality of the mountains could be improved a bit. (Some polygons have weird UV textures/ It’s very low poly as well). Then, instead of big arrows, could you find some items (small rocks, swamp plants, semi-submerged ruins…) to place between mountains to block and guide the visitor in a more natural way ? Of course, you should be careful that this does not impact performances too much. It might be fun also to imagine what happens if the user hurts the mountain too often, maybe damages the boat, sinks and takes the visitor to a more hidden place on the site ? Well, it’s just an idea. ^^

Congratulations and keep up the good work

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I’d add A,W,D navigation. More comfortable :slight_smile:
Felt I wanted to be able to choose COLOR version!!!

All together great technique, art and execution. Great work.

I think arrows work, =)

You’re not a gamer I take it?

gulty as charged,

Thank you @kilden for the suggestions!