The canvas in the border show the black line in the some browsers of mobile

258DB9E1BD9BD38F4BCAE70E6E17B57Cthis is the picture of the problem.

Try to set this in your CSS:

canvas {
   border: none;
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That don’t resolve the problem。I think it’s a problem of render of browser. It only shows in some browsers in iOS and Android.

Can you share a link to an example?

The problems shows in some mobile browsers. I don’t find the problem in PC browsers so far.

Sry, I’m unable to reproduce on my Pixel with latest Chrome.

emm, thank your reply. I would use a alternative solution。

@kangya did @Mugen87 resolve your problem or did you find an alternative solution. I may be able to help, I’m a CSS wizard. Send a screenshot if you are still having troubles!

emm, I think it’s not a css problem. I don’t resolve the problem. The problem didn’t show in the mobile Safari browser and the chrome browser. It shows in the the inner browser of the application named “wechat”. Of course, it also show some android mobile browsers. I didn’t set any css styles about border for the canvas of the three. Of course, I will be appreciate for your any help.

By looking at the screeshot this might be a CSS shadow creating this effect. Need to find a way to recreate what you are seeing since I’m on a mac.

I’ve been researching a good android emulator to work with - getting warmer

This is aggravating I’ve tried 5 android devices and unable to replicate.

I’d need more specs to isolate the problem further:

  • What mobile device?
  • What version of the mobile device?
  • What browser?
  • What version of the browser?

Have you tried emptying cache?
Have you figured out the problem you were having?
If so please describe how you fixed.

Managed to get android studio up and running.
Emulator can’t use the link provided above unless i’m missing a flag to turn on. Instead would need a

  • plunker
  • jsbin
  • jsfiddle
  • codepen

Based on prior questions here is what is needed:

Which phone was used?

Which OS was used?