iOS iPhone problem when switching tabs

Hello I have a problem with transparent background, happening only with safari on iPhone.

I cant find similar topic on that so I recreated the bug here

It seems to stop when I set no alpha with “setClearColor(xxx, 1)”, but cant make it to work with alpha, and dont really understand if this is a safari or a threejs problem.

This is more than likely an apple specific problem I suggest stop buying apple products so the world, your wallet and browsers can all be a happier place.

Do you really have to set preserveDrawingBuffer to true? Does the issue go away if you remove this line?

In any event, this looks indeed like a device related issue and should be reported to the WebKit bug tracker:

It’s great that you have already provided a live example! That will make it easier for the WebKit devs to investigate the breakage.

I updated the example with preserveDrawingBuffer to false still does it, the only way I found for now to fix it is to put alpha in the setClearColor to 1.

I will take a look at the website you suggested to fill in the bug.

Thank you.

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I opened a ticket here

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