Black border on png images

I have a problem with png images, have a weird black border, I tried with alphaTest and the border disappears but was pixeled.

in this video, I show where is the border.

you can find my code and images to have an idea here

I don’t have any idea to fix that, and the problem isn’t on image :confused:

I just tried it locally and I don’t see the black lines

Here is a codesandbox link

The glass dark border is from the reflection of the wall

compare against the more orange background

compare against the default

I think this looks really good.

I see it now, when you zoom right in

After changing image

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If I do this with your code it is better at the bottom of the glass, but the top of the glass becomes pixelated. So I don’t know best answer for this.


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it is good for now, thank you!