Texture of FBX Model is shown only black

I export a FBX Model from ArchiCAD 24 with embedded Textures. In the Win 10 3D Viewer it looks fine. However with Three JS (through “vue-3d-model” which is an interface to three js) the surface is just black. There are no errors in the console. Other FBX files are shown correct. Any idea? Thanks!

MFH.fbx (596.7 KB)

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Try adding some lights to your scene. Start with an ambient light.

However, it seems the model has no vertex normals. So other light types like directional lights won’t show any affect. You might want to fix this (and also properly center the model) before exporting to FBX. Otherwise it looks like so in the three.js editor:

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Thanks for the very fast response. AmbientLight and any other light doesn’t light it up. I also managed to use three js into Vue directly, without vue-3d-model. Still black.
Unfortunately ArchiCAD has just two options when exporting FBX: with embedded textures, with not embedded textures.

I’ll move on with the Collada format which seems to be exported by ArchiCAD in a “better” way. This gives a perfect result in three js. However I liked to protect the model from unauthorized access using PHP. This brought some problems reading the textures from the images-folder, so I searched for a “one file solution” and came to FBX. Of course, this is no three js matter.

Thanks again! Regards.

I had the very same problem, and fixed it by computing vertex normals manually:

model.traverse(child => {
  if (child.isMesh) child.geometry.computeVertexNormals()
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