Textures not showing on animation model?

I bought two animation models from TurboSquid. Both FBX models. You can see them here:

The animation model on the left (Tarologist Robot), shows its textures properly. As you can, the animation model to the right (Fighter Drone) does not. It is plain white. I opened the Fighter Drone FBX file in Blender and it does have the textures, see the screenshot below:

Here is the TurboSquid page for the Fighter Done model:

And here is what it is supposed to look (default texture set):


However they don’t seem to appear on the actual model. When I open the Tarologist Robot FBX file in blender I do see the textures on the model in the Blender canvas, but when I open the Fighter Drone I do not on the fighter drone. At least to me, it looks like a uniform drab grey…

Here is the directory of the exported FBX file:

Is this just because I don’t know how to use Blender (I really don’t), or did the artist/animator that sold the model on TurboSquid, expect the buyer to do the final step of applying the textures themselves? If so, is it a simple procedure to apply the textures that I could do myself and if so, how?

The Tarologist Robot animation model also came with alternate texture sets. But if my theory is right about unapplied textures, then I’m wondering if the artist for that model applied one of the texture sets as a “default”, saving me this trouble I’m having with the Fighter Drone model?.

Note: I found a post about a somewhat similar problem:

So I added this to my code for loading the Fighter Drone:

                    child => {
                        if (child.isMesh)

But it did not help.

Bonus question. Where can I find reliable Blender animator/artists for hire to help with the problems I’m see to run into fairly often with purchased models?