Simple fbx model load stays untextured


I loaded this model with fbxloader

and it shows up in the scene just without textures. They are loaded automatically but seem to be not applied. The model stays grey.

Then I tried this one

with the same effect.

Then I tried applying the .zip-ed textures by traversing the model and sticking the materials loaded with a textureloader to the object.children.
That made the objects disappear…

So the best result yet is the blank objects.

Basically my question is
“Is it me or is it the models?”


Is there a light in the scene? Without a light source, most materials will appear black - so you won’t be able to see any texture.

Yes, there are several lights meanwhile.
an ambient, a hemisphere, a point and a rotating rectarea.
Just to be sure…, you know?

Can you share how the model / scene looks right now when rendered?

I do…

I put some green color to the hemisphere light…