Video texture on fbx not playing

So I have created a plane in blender and used a video for its texture it plays perfectly well in blender but now that i have exported it into a fbx the video texture doesn’t play i assume I make it play with a mixer? but it just isn’t working:


var delta;
var clock = new THREE.Clock();

 loader.load('/G/resources/deathx/deathx.fbx', function(result){
 result.traverse( function ( child ) {
                            if ( child.isMesh ) {
                                child.castShadow = true;
                                child.receiveShadow = true;
                                child.frustumCulled = false;
                        } );
       result.position.y = 0;
       result.position.x = 0;
       result.position.z = 10;
   mixer = new THREE.AnimationMixer( result );
        result.animations.forEach( ( clip ) => {
            mixer.clipAction( clip ).play();


delta = clock.getDelta();
if(mixer) mixer.update(delta);
this._threejs.render(this._scene, this._camera);

No, that does not work. AnimationMixer is unrelated to video textures.

You can not import a video texture with any 3D format in three.js. You have to manually load the video like demonstrated in the examples and then apply it to your materials.

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Yeah it’s slowly dawned on me a big issues is also alpha channel and video codec browser support if you have any transparency, I was wondering tho if it is possible to export image sequences on a plane from blender and have that texture play in three js … if you know?

infact I have a plane now in blender with an image sequence playing instead of video it plays just like the video did but it only exports 1 png image and not the full sequence when trying to export either fbx or gltf