Texture is upside down


I mapped this picture to my Hopf torus. But, as you can see, the picture sometimes appear upside down, as if it was on a back side. I have tried several wrapS and wrapT. How to solve that, please?

Currently, wrapS and wrapT are THREE.MirroredRepeatWrapping. If I set them to THREE.RepeatWrapping, then the picture appears upside down at every place where it appears.

I have a non-convenient solution. With ImageMagick, I create the mirrored image, then I use this one as the texture.
This works but this is not convenient.

Now the forum even prevents me to insert a link to tinyurl… :-1:

Is it possible to share your code in an editable fiddle? That makes it easier to debug the issue.

Yes: fiddle

There seems to be a problem with your parametric function. If you render the mesh without THREE.DoubleSide, you can clearly see that all faces are not oriented correctly (the winding order is wrong). I’m not sure this fix is correct but when I change the order of the variables x3 and x4, faces are oriented correctly.


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Thanks a lot! This also solves the problem occuring when I use MeshNormalMaterial.
That’s weird… I don’t understand but that works :slight_smile:
Now I’m preparing a figure with twenty Hopf tori on the surface of a ball :wink: