Image texture disoriented

Hi, I’m trying to load images in gltf loader but it looks like the orientation of the image is disoriented

I tried to change it using the flipY property but it is not working


   = true
   = true
            mesh.material.needsUpdate = true

The model and the image are provided below:
cube.gltf (3.2 KB)
are there any other ways to do this?

You’d need to give more context in this case - or a bit more code how what and how is being loaded. What do you mean by “load images in gltf loader” ? What is the expected outcome compared to what you see?

If the image is applied as a texture to a model - it’s orientation depends on the orientation of the model relative to the camera.

The image is mentioned as URI in the gltf file. you can see it if you load that model in an online gltf viewer