Taking Time to Load gltf file using GLTFLoader

I have model which gltf size is almost 124MB but after but if i try to load gltf File using GLTFloader.js. it is taking loadt of time.

Can you please quantify this statement? How long is the duration in seconds?

First, you have to find out which part of the asset delivery process takes much time. Is it the actual download or the parsing of the asset?

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it will take time to parsing.

  1. It take around 1 to 3 minute to parsing data and load model.
  2. “loadMesh” method is calling around 50,000.
  3. “loadAccessor” method is calling around 50,000.
  4. “GLTFParser.prototype.getDependency” method is calling also around 41000.
    also other method call loat of time like “loadBuffer”,“loadMaterial” etc.

Can you please share the glTF file in this topic?

did you mean gltf model or gltfLoader.js ?

The glTF model.

I am sorry for late replay. I mention model download link as per under kindly download.

That model will make browser responding. Please kindly check that model.

The model you have shared is 300 MB big. That is definitely too much if you want to load the asset over the internet.

In any event, if I drag the model to the following three.js based glTF viewer, it takes not even 2 seconds until the model is rendered. So it seems it’s not a parsing issue. The problem is the size of your asset.


Yes Right but we have big models to view using gltfLoader. We are trying to migrate this process at server side using node js instead of doing this at client side.

If you’re not already using Draco compression already you should use that immediately. You can perform model compression/conversion using https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/gltf-pipeline then use the ThreeJS DracoLoader https://threejs.org/docs/#examples/en/loaders/DRACOLoader


after this configuration can i load big model on browser ?

This depends on the size of the final asset. And on the patience of your user base^^. However, most users will leave your website after 10 seconds of loading time.