How to load GLB/GLTF model first then the textures using GLTFLoader?

Hello, I want to improve the loading time of the 3d model. To improve the loading time I want to load the model with default white material first and then once the 3d model is loaded I want to load the textures separately. Is it possible to do so?

Additionally, I’m curious about which file format would be more advantageous for improving loading time: GLB or GLTF? The GLB file size stands at 12MB, while the GLTF is also 12MB but divided into five asset files. Intuitively, I assume GLTF might be faster due to the potential for parallel downloading of the five files, but online sources suggest GLB is faster. Could someone clarify this for me?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Size of GLTF: 100kb.
Size of 4 textures: 1mb, 600kb, 4mb, 2mb.

@Naresh_Bisht if you would like to try online convenience of optimizing and compressing GLTF / GLB files then check this topic. I would suggest you try KTX2 format, not KTX2e or KTX2u, and GLB-d and/or GLB_m export option. Don’t change the size of your textures initially but can try changing it afterwards.

On the other hand, if you are comfortable with using command line then see this topic.and also search this forum for all other topics that have discussed similar issues.

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