Gltf loader extremly slow with light model

I am currently trying to import a really light gltf model (just one box geometry) to my scene in three.js but it takes more than a half second (just the loading process) and i was wondering if this is normal or what is going on because it shouldn’t take that long. The model is just 3kb. Everything works but it’s just slow.

import { GLTFLoader } from "three/examples/jsm/loaders/GLTFLoader.js"
import { Clock } from "three"
const clock = new Clock()
const loader = new GLTFLoader()
function first_load() {
    loader.load("/models/1/firstload.gltf", (gltf)=> {

I’ve tried Dracoloader and Gltfloader but both are slow.
The difference between the 2 console.logs are usually about 0.5 seconds
firstload.gltf (3.4 KB)

if only there was some way for us to test this… :thinking: :thinking: oh, I know :bulb: why don;t you share your model!