Swisstrax 3D garage designer

Swisstrax 3D garage designer is a web application made using three.js. In step by step process the applications lead you to creating your dream garage.

Step 1. Choose Walls Or Pads
In the 1st step, the users have an option to select a shape to start with. The main feature of this step is Wall to Pads switcher.

Step 2. Adjust Measurements
In this step, users can set the floor dimensions. In the background of this step, the advanced algorithm is used for the snapping option.

Step 3. Pick Doors & Windows
In this step, users can choose and adjust colors of: • wall colors • doors • windows

Step 4. Choose Pattern
Here you can choose the tile model and find out all the information about it and select a specific pattern in various colors. What you select here will determine how the complete floor will look like.

Step 5. Set Edges
We have gone a step further and designed tiny details on the edges. Users here can:
pick all sides to add the edges
change the color of each edge
remove unwanted edges

Step 6. Pick cabinets and cars
Here you can choose cars, cabinets, and others. In the Other section, you can pick various equipment such as gym equipment.
In the last step, you get to choose among 5 options:

  1. Save, Load, Send Price Request, Print, Go to Checkout
    In the last step, you get to choose among 5 options:
    Save and Load project (available for logged in users),
    Price request
    Checkout (it sends users to a cart page)

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