How to convert 3d design to 3d model

Is there any way to convert the 3d AutoCAD design to 3d Model in three.js ?

I have a app where we can upload 3d AutoCAD design, will it convert that 3d AutoCAD design into 3d model if i use three.js in my application ?

Thank you.

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yes there is, from autocad save it as .cad 2007, then import the cad into 3ds max, then export as fbx format, then import in blender and finally export as glb or gltf

in 3ds max or blender you apply materials into your 3d models from cad before u export it as glb or gltf

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Thank you @Umbawa_Sarosong for Response.
Thank you @JacksonUptain for Response.

But can we able to convert the .dwg to .glb by using three.js in React.js ?

For Example :
I will upload a .dwg image into React.js application. That image should be converted into .glb format and should render into application.

Can we achieve by using three.js in React.js?

Thank you.

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Not directly, you would need 3ds Max to import dwg file to export it for blender as fbx, to export the fbx in blender as glb for threejs to load using GLTFLoader.

Threejs can load GLTF/GLB/FBX so you would need 3ds Max to convert the .dwg file format into fbx.

No I don’t think its possible unless you have an js app to conver .dwg format into fbx before loading into Threejs

I got confused by all that…I figured it was as simple as an exporter, then importing it to blender, then exporting it to the desired format