Swapping lines around causes different behaviour (THREE.CubeGeometry, THREE.AxesHelper ...)

Hi all,

I just ran into a very weird bug. It will be hard for me to generate a minimal example, but maybe you have an idea how to debug this…

I have these lines of code:

let cube = new THREE.CylinderGeometry()
let axes = new THREE.AxesHelper(10)
let flowUniforms = sphereFlowPass(camera, flowTarget) // doesn't really matter what this does, probably

And if I swap the last one with any other, it causes weird behaviour. Is there some side effect on THREE classes that I should know about?

What do you mean with “weird behavior”? You have to be more specific when reporting issues since the root cause of your problem could be anything. Without knowing what actually happens in sphereFlowPass() is not possible to help you further. It would also be helpful to share any error messages or warnings if present. In order to avoid a deletion of your topic, please invest more time in the quality of the post. You can do this by sharing a live example that demonstrates your issue or by sharing a link to your repository at github.

You are right, I should generate a minimal example first if people are to help me.

I was just wondering if there are side effects from the first two lines that I should know about since it changes behavior of the rest of my app, and it, to me, clearly shouldn’t since those two lines are not connected in any way it’s just generating an object in memory that isn’t used much later in the app…

I’m really stuck with debugging this so i started over and will be testing each and every little part of my app to see what’s gone wrong. Hopefully some minimal example results.

To answer your question: There should be no side effects if you just create a cylinder geometry and an axes helper.

Ok thank you, I’m guessing I did something wrong then. I can’t repro it now that I started over, everything is working as expected. Maybe typescript compiler switched stuff around :smiley: I really don’t know…