Rotation issue with a group of objects

Hello everyone! So I have a group of objects representing what looks like a circle (the positions for the objects are a bit off but you can see the circle shape I’m talking about in the video), my problem is that it seems to rotate in the “wrong” direction? Meaning I want the group to stay in the same distance from the camera as it is from the glowing orb (as it is in the beginning of the video), instead of moving farther away, as if it was going around a circle instead of rotating.

The problem is best understood with a video representation I think -

Any help is appreciated, thanks!!

Can you share the code for rotation? It will be much easier to help that way.

Sure! Just keep in mind I’m using r3f (as you may remember from my last post :D) .

// rotation code
  const t = useRef<THREE.Object3D>();

  useFrame(() => {
    t.current!.rotation.y += 0.01;

// what is getting rotated
<group ref={t}>
      {Object.entries(site_a).map((blueOrb) => {
              return (

// and BlueOrb, in case it's important:
  <group position={[0, (level_y_values as LevelYValues)[props.level], 0]}>

Basically, currently all that’s happening is: I have a group which contains a bunch of meshes, and those meshes are themselves wrapped inside groups (for other purposes). Currently I’m just rotating the parent container group by changing its rotation.y value inside the render loop.

Oh and just to clarify - rotating the camera itself leads to the exact same result.