Plane geometry causing jumpy movements in three.js

I noticed that when I create a plane in blender and import it in my three.js, the camera movement or the object movement or the orbital controls or any kind of movement is jumpy.
This is very strange as I made sure there’s nothing wrong with the plane.
Can anyone explain this or if someone experienced the same?

  1. It’s quite super unlikely it’s the actual geometry causing any issue.
  2. It’s almost impossible to help without a codepen / video / code.
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Most common reason for jumpy geometry is precision, if your scale is extreme high/low also relative to the camera what you describe can happen.

However without a live example it’s not possible to provide more help than guesses.

@Fyrestar @mjurczyk I am currently not allowed to post that anywhere but I got to know that the issue of jumpy movements I was seeing was because I tried to apply a texture to a plane that already had a shrinkwrap modifier and a solidify modifier in blender. This might have caused some glitches.
Removing the texture from the plane works fine

You’re not allowed to post a scene that contains plane geometry and orbit controls? :smiling_face_with_tear: It should be enough if you reproduce the issue on codepen.

Haha it’s not just a plane geometry, it’s part of an avatar, and most importantly having those modifiers which caused problems. But yeah I’ll try to reproduce on codepen.