Objects cross the the type="fixed" in rapier physics

hello I have problem which is I made walls using CuboidCollider but my problem is I have objects they cross it when collide very much with each other and what I want is to make them no matter they collide with each other don’t cross the walls
my walls

function BorderWalls() {
    const {size} = useThree() // Adjust this according to your scene size
    const walls = [
            { position: [0, size.height /2, -1], size: [size.width, 1, 1000] }, // Bottom wall
            { position: [0, - size.height /2, 1], size: [size.width, 1, 1000] }, // Top wall
            { position: [-size.width /2, 0, 0], size: [1, size.height, 1000] }, // Left wall
            { position: [size.width / 2, 0, 0], size: [1, size.height, 1000] }  // Right wall

    return (
            {walls.map((wall, index) => (
                <RigidBody restitution={0} key={index} type="fixed" >
                    <CuboidCollider args={wall.size} position={wall.position} />

my objects

function Sphere({ leavePosition,index,radius,image, scale, text, vec = new THREE.Vector3(), ...props }) {
    const api = useRef()
    const angle = Math.PI * 2;
    const initialPos = useMemo(() => [THREE.MathUtils.randFloatSpread(2), THREE.MathUtils.randFloatSpread(2), 0], [])
    const [position] = useState(() => new THREE.Vector3())
    const [dragging, drag] = useState(false)
    useFrame((state, delta) => {
        easing.damp3(position, [state.pointer.x * state.viewport.width / 2 - dragging.x, state.pointer.y * state.viewport.height / 2 - dragging.y, 0], 0.2, delta)
    const x = 500
    const y = 200
    return (
            type={dragging ? "kinematicPosition" : "dynamic"} 
            enabledRotations={[false, false, false]} 
            enabledTranslations={[true, true, false]} 
                Math.abs(100 - index) + (Math.random() - 0.5),
                Math.abs(100 - index) + (Math.random() - 0.5),        
            gravityScale={(Math.abs(radius - index)  / 80)} 
            <BallCollider  args={[radius + 10]} />
            <Float speed={250}>
                    <circleGeometry args={[radius, 64]} />
                    <meshBasicMaterial {...props} />
                    {text && <Text font="Inter-Regular.woff" letterSpacing={-0.05} position={[0, 0, 0.01]} fontSize={0.425} material-toneMapped={false}>{text}</Text>}

basically all physics engines have this issue, try to get around it with the steps

  • make the walls thicker
  • imo you just need CuboidCollider, no need to wrap it into a RB
  • try to not use trimesh rb’s
  • there’s a ccd flag on rb’s which stands for continuous collision detection (i believe), this is what can absolutely prevent any unwanted glitches but is more expensive to calculate. with too many objects on ccd performance will hit the bottom fast

ps, this is what rapier docs say

Continuous Collision Detection#

Continuous Collision Detection (CCD) is used to make sure that fast-moving objects don’t miss any contacts (a problem usually called tunneling). See the rigid-body CCD section for details.

CCD takes action only if the CCD-enabled rigid-body is moving fast relative to another rigid-body. Therefore it is useless to enable CCD on fixed rigid-bodies and rigid-bodies that are expected to move slowly.

You could also try using a navigation mesh instead e.g.

In @recast-navigation/three (a Recast-Detour wrapper) you provide the “walkable” meshes and it constructs a navigation mesh.

You can then query it for paths from A to B, and move your agents along the paths.
It also supports crowds.

Firstly, I apologize for the late response, but I was very ill
Secondly, the solution is to make the walls of high thickness along the x axis
Thirdly, I would like to say thank you very, very much because you are a generous and great person. You have helped me from the beginning, even though I am new to these techniques, but now things have become clear and there are no problems because of your great guidance. Thank you very, very much.

thank you so much but the solution was in the making the walls thicker
thanks for your helping