Subsurface Scattering with gltf model

Hi, I am trying to implement the subsurface scattering effect using SubsurfaceScatteringShader and ShaderMaterial with an example gltf model. Want to get something like in these tutorials:

But don’t know how to configure uniforms correctly. Can somebody help with this? Here is my sandbox:

You’re not assigning any of the uniform values. Try something like:

  const shader = SubsurfaceScatteringShader;
  shader.uniforms.thicknessScale.value = 1;

Yeah, played around with shader properties. But how can I control the translucency depth, so the light doesn’t shine all the way through the head but rather through thinner surfaces like ears? Do I need a special map for that which will have red thin parts?

I added such map and use it as thicknessMap:

But on the result that parts are not red: