PBR based Subsurface scattering shader does not work


I found pbr-based sss by @mattdesl and as you can see, there is only a fragment shader.

so, I tried to use it with extended MeshStandardMaterial. but it does not work at all.

I assume that the shader is a bit old so it doesn’t match with the latest version of MeshStandardMaterial’s vertex shader.

Do you have any example of sss with standard material?

thank you!

You may have seen this threejs example, but just in case: three.js examples

Also, I’ve extracted that SSS part of the code and made it into a node for Polygonjs, making it easier to setup. And you can always copy the GLSL code into your own project (from the right panel in the video).

live link: subsurface_scattering_example