Parallax mapping with MeshStandardMaterial (PBR)?


Is it possible to use parallax mapping with MeshStandardMaterial (PBR)?

From what I can tell, it seems like there’s only option to use Displacement mapping with MeshStandardMaterial.

There is an example of parallax mapping on examples, but it’s using custom shader, so I guess it wouldn’t be easy to implement into MeshStandardMaterial?

Thank you

No, this is not supported right now. I’m not sure how much effort it takes to enhance MeshStandardMaterial with such an effect since you have to ensure correct lighting calculations after the patch. In the worst case you break the physically correct lighting.

BTW: Here is the example you are referring to:

Yup makes sense. Yea I forgot to link that example.
I checked around and it looks like Babylon.js got this Parallax tech implemented with PBR materials, maybe I’ll nudge the idea to the three.js devs :slight_smile: