Stutter when loading many images

I need to load around 50 4k png images and render them onto Planes. I would like to keep the UI as stutter-free as possible during this.

Currently I am using ImageBitmapLoader in a sequential manner, loading them one by one, but I still get significant stutters.

Any ideas on how I can improve the stutter situation would be appreciated!

Just like any image gallery system, use previews, smaller, cheap versions of your images, display them on the plane, and only display the selected/highlighted image at full res.


Are you trying to load all the images first and then run you program?
Or load the images while the program is running?

If the first, I use an old-fashioned loading manager to load all images before starting the program. But the better approach, I believe, is to use some kind of async loading routine.

If the latter, then you are going to run the risk of stutter. You might try to pre-load as many as possible and activate them as needed. Or, as suggested, pare down the size of the images to “bite-sized” pieces that will not cause stuttering.

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