CPU/GPU Stutter on plane entering view


I have 300 (possibly more) planes, each with different 2k or 4k transparent textures.

I have tried iterating through the images from a preloader creating textures and keeping them in an object in an array for use when needed but everything stutters the first time it comes into view.

Babylon has a scene option/param with mesh, textures, materials (etc) which pushes them onto the gpu which on creation which prevents the stutter, is there a way to do this with three?

Plonking 300 planes down with different textures after the preloader completes pretty much nukes mobile devices and takes a fair bit of time for desktops also.

What’s the best way to do this with three?

Only thing I can think of is to have preloader 0 to 100%, then a waiting screen for having 300 planes created with texture over a period of unknown time (timer based) which will dump each plane 1 by 1 in front of the camera with the texture and then taken it to the position it is supposed to be and keep on going till 300 is done. But this is very cringe, an unknown wait time with people just staring at probably an animated gif stuttering.

Anyone got any ideas?