Freeze frames when pointing models with the camera

I’m creating this topic because I’m experiencing this issue that I wasn’t able to solve with the loadingManager.

Basically I implemented the loadingManager, and it’s working properly(tested with some print). The thing is… I would expect to not experience any drop of frame whatsover.
But when pointing with the camera to an imported object,I experience freeze frames for few times at the start of my application before having it running smoothly.
This is really bugging me being an annoying thing to perceive at the start.

Just as info: I’m loading nothing more than 13 models. They are not super cheap in terms of textures and # of polygons,but neither they are super complex.

Can anyone tell me how to solve this? Thought the loadingManager would solve this,but I wasn’t lucky.

Thank you in advise!

You should find an answer to your question in existing topics e.g.: