SSAARenderPass makes canvas transparent

Hey, Im using the SSAARenderPass in my App and I just noticed that it is making the canvas transparent.
My threejs canvas overlays my HTML stuff and you can see silhouettes of HTML behind the scene. If I use the RenderPass its not the case. I disabled all other passes etc.

Heres a pic.
Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-21 um 17.03.32

I solved it by setting the background-color of the container of my canvas to #FFF. But maybe this requires a fix.

Where can I report a bug fix?

Can’t you just create your renderer without setting alpha to true?

I though alpha must be set to true as soon as I have a transparent obj in my scene? If thats not the case, i could probably do that

You only need alpha set to true if you want to blend the canvas with the HTML background.