SSAARenderPass makes my scene all white (after r138)

Hi, I’m currently working on post-processing, I found a big problem on SSAARenderPass.
I read every post and section on git and in this forum but seems that those solutions are not working (?).

The problem I have is the same reported here: SSAARenderPass affects color and contrast when increasing the sampleLevel · Issue #20681 · mrdoob/three.js · GitHub

And the solution example:

shows the exact problem I’m currently experiencing.

When SSAARenderPass is enable all the scene become white. I tried setting the renderTarget type to THREE.FloatType but nothing changed. Even with sempleLevel setted to 1 I see a color change between the render obtined by the renderer and the one obtined from the composer.

I’m missing something or what?

Thanks in advance

I’m dubugging this SSAARenderPass for the last two days. Today I decided to check on an other project and see if this whitish behaviour depends on some scene/camera configuration or what.

Trying it on a boilerplate it works perfectly so I start to change stuff on my project until i figured out that this behaviour dosen’t depends on any settings, the only thing that differ between the two project is the three version. Mine was r140 (the last one) and the boilerplate use the r132. Changing the version on the boilerplate I noticed that the same problem appear even on the boilerplate.

So I tryied many version and find out that the last version where all works fine is r138, from r139 this “overexposed” like effect starts.

I don’t figured out why yet.