Outlinepass and alpha in firefox brocken

I using the OutlinePass on a transparent or white background.

If i don’t set the alpha-value of the webglrenderer to true and using a white background i get this output:

u see that the part with a white background is not rendered correct.

if i set the alpha to true and set no background at the scene i get in chrome this output:

not perfect (some black parts) but good enough

but the same setting on firefox show me this output:

the gems are completely broken. To create the gems i used this example:

Im using Three.js 0.124.0 and both browser are uptodate on a linux system with a nvidia-card.

PS the output on firefox on an android device is correct.

Long day out i found the problem. I needed to set premultipliedAlpha: false for the renderer. Question is why this is only needed on the one firefox-version

This is probably a GPU driver issue. Especially since it works on Firefox for Android.

Try to update your graphics driver if possible.

my graphics driver is already uptodate (Version 455.45.01) so this is a error needed to be reported. But i don’t know with informations are needed to collect. I will wait for the next version and will try it again and if not fixed i will fill a bugreport to nvidia.

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