Outline shader looks translucent in AR, I want a opaque clean line

I am using the inbuilt Outline pass that comes with threejs to draw an outline around my model in threejs. It is translucent and the color gets affected by the camera background. I want a clean opaque outline. Is it possible using the same?

currently it looks like this:

as you can see the outline color looks different infront of a white background vs a black background.

setup used:

outlinePass = new OutlinePass(
      new THREE.Vector2(canvasWidth, canvasHeight),
    outlinePass.renderToScreen = true;
    outlinePass.edgeStrength = 10;
    outlinePass.edgeGlow = 1;
    outlinePass.edgeThickness = 1;
    outlinePass.pulsePeriod = 0;

appreciate any help! thanks!

No, since the outline is blended additively over the scene so you have to modify OutlinePass to prevent this from happening.