Spotlights causing weird looking colors on mobile devices

So we’re loading a model of this office space as a gltf, and on desktops it displays fine, but on (some) mobile devices we get weird colors like this. Any idea what might be causing this? The material itself seems to be identical, so when I log out material.color it gives me

{r: 0.6274510025978088, g: 0.6274510025978088, b: 0.6274510025978088}

which is what it ideally should be.

(it looks fine in the gltf viewer btw)

edit: found out that it is the spotlights in the scene that are causing this. I have 3, somewhat overlapping lights. If I remove one, suddenly most colors are back to normal, although the computer mice are still this weird teal color. Is there a setting I’m missing for the lights or the materials to avoid this?

Are we talking about “older” mobile devices? Can you specify them (model, OS, etc.)?

Well it’s reproducible on a a Xiaomi MI 9T Pro, with Android 11, but also on other devices, I can get a list of more…point is, no, not (just) on very old, outdated ones.