Spline from 3dsmax to threejs

i am trying to import a spline mesh created in 3dsmax to threejs, but when i console the imported mesh there’s nothing in nodes, is it possible to import a spline created in 3dsmax to threejs ?
and is their any resources for that?

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Do you mind sharing the exported asset in this topic? Considering the tags of your topic, I assume you are exporting to glTF, right?

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PathTest.glb (3.4 KB)

this is the asset yes glb,
i am using babylonjs exporter to export glb gltf formats
maybe there is onther exporter that’s handle splines ?

Yeah, the spline is obviously missing in the glTF asset.

Not that I am aware of. Maybe you just file a feature request at the repository of the BabylonJS Exporter.

i’ve exported the object as obj, and import it into threejs editor it visible now as linesegments.
can i create a path on the line to make a cube walk on those lines ?
SPLINETEST.obj (122.8 KB)

You can, but it may be tricky, since there is no guarantee that the line segments are laid out in an end to end order… but it’s worth a shot. If they aren’t laid out end to end, you might have to sort them somehow and then once you have them in a linear array of Vector3 points… you can use Vector3.lerp functions to smoothly interpolate between the points.

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