Importing models with applied textures

Hi when I import an obj or FXB into Maya for example the textures are already connected. However, if I import the same models into the threejs editor the textures are not connected and I must manually connected them.
Is this true? Or is there a go around to get the textures to show up?

Is this other question and answer the solution to connecting the “dependencies” the textures that are in the same folder?

FBX is a proprietary format. Pretty much every implementation of it — except Autodesk’s — is just reverse engineering and trying to keep up with the changes in new versions of the format. OBJ is open, but old and under-specified, and can have other problems.

The recommended format for three.js is glTF/GLB; if you can convert your models correctly to glTF before loading in three.js, they are very likely to work as expected. For other formats, I would file a bug if the model works in other software, but there are good reasons we recommend using glTF whenever possible.

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