Spaciblō: Go + Three.js + ES6 => Multiuser WebVR

Spaciblō is a fast client/server replication engine for hosting WebVR based social spaces:

It currently works with Daydream and Vive, with Rift Touch support on the way.

Here’s a short demo video of one of the default Spaciblō avatars doing a little dance:

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Interesting! Is there a limit to how many people can be in one hosted space at a time?

I haven’t run load tests yet, so I’m not sure what kinds of numbers it can support. I would guess that the immediate limiting factors for population will be the WebSocket based replication update channel and the complexity of the avatar assets.

There are also future features like physics/collision, LOD support, and shared instancing that will make a big difference.

The WebVR browser support is so new and unoptimized that I suspect there will be a lot of improvement on that front, independent of any higher level framework.

I’ve been in spaces with four other people, each on gaming machines or Pixel XLs, each with high speed net connections. Rending was smooth and avatar motion was as good as I’ve seen in native apps.

I’d love for someone to make a load test rig with bots that play back recorded avatar motion so there would be something firm to perf test against.

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This might be a very interesting chat room eventually :laughing: