[Solved] WebVR 1.1 pixellation

Hello!, my question is about WebVR 1.1 + ThreeJS integration. I have a render manager to switch between scenes with the same renderer. When I switch the scene with my gaze, all the scene is pixellated. I have to reset the VR (using webvr-polyfill.js) to get the good quality again. What do you think can be the problem?

If you have to reset the VR to get good quality again, then it’s probably something you’re doing during script initiation that is not happening when switching scenes. Maybe setting dimensions, pixel ratio, camera field of view, antialiasing? It’s got to be something like that.

You should, however, add code to your questions, so people can pinpoint where the problem is instead of just guessing.

When I call a new scene that is not downloaded yet, I calling resize event and this is calling camera.updateProjectionMatrix(); and renderer.setSize(width, height); manually, causing this pixelation in VR mode. I fixed right now validating if the VR is not activated to execute this action. I don’t know if is the best approach (not call resize when VR is activated)