[SOLVED] EffectComposer + Layers

Gotcha, sorry I must have missed your update when typing my reply. Asynchronous systems… who needs 'em!

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I should’ve found it myself before asking here :smiley:

There’s a WestLangley solution to every problem. :smile:


Indeed :smile:
But this does not cancel the fact that you helped me. :beers:

Thanks very much。

I like this glow effect, but why doesn’t blue color work? :roll_eyes:
all other colors work



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Hi guys! Is there any solutions to make the bloom effect appear on this edges as well?


Sure, use the approach with selective bloom: three.js examples

Examples with that approach:


Thank you @prisoner849, I’ve tried that example, worked as expected. But it seems to darken the original material of “non-bloomed” objects as well. Any clues to avoid this?

Maybe it’s because of those parameters:

renderer.toneMapping = THREE.ReinhardToneMapping;
renderer.toneMappingExposure = Math.pow(params.exposure, 4.0);
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I am very new here , @marquizzo pointed me to this forum, thx again!

I was asking a question on stackoverflow ( https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57365158/postprocessing-fx-for-a-few-seconds ) to achive somehow the same effect as described above, but only

  1. for a second ( as a visual feedback after a user chooses a value in a selection drop down )
  2. only on one specific material, not on the whole model…

Can please someone help me with this?
Thanks for your help!!

Take a look at this topic for some ideas: Totentanz (Selective Bloom)

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Love it! Impressive!

hi, I’m new here. I used some code from this post above in my project. The bloom effect was shown, but it seems some bloom effect was lost when I rotate my model in some angles. Any ideas?

Use the technique of selective bloom, as an option.

  1. https://threejs.org/examples/?q=selective#webgl_postprocessing_unreal_bloom_selective
  2. Totentanz (Selective Bloom)
  3. Selective UnrealBloomPass issues
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if anyone needs it still, here’s a solution where the bloom effect comes last: https://codesandbox.io/s/twilight-feather-myhm9


This may save you 10 hours of work: when you apply it to your own project make sure


…is not set to anything. It will prevent the bloom from showing.

@drcmda Hi, looks like the red box renders behind the yellow box all the time (even when it is actually in front). How would you fix that?

In that fiddle, there’s an awkward angle when the brown box appears on top of the glow, like this:

(look at the top of the brown box). How would we fix that?