EffectComposer + Layers + scene.background as a texture

Hi again, community! :slight_smile:
This question comes from my previous one. But as that question is already marked as SOLVED, I better start a new one.

So, the code is the same, except that I’ve added a texture of radial gradient as a background of the scene.
And the result is here:

No glowing at all. Any pointings/hints/ideas to the right direction of how to get the glowing back?
Or should I use a different approach?


I changed the example once for my needs.
There is also the glow missing with the texture of radial gradient as a background .


Ok, I’ve got the desired result, but I’m not sure how correct the used approach is.

I used an additional scene, setting the background texture to it, also, the object which has to have glowing is added to that scene and the scene passed in the EffectComposer. Shortly, I use different scenes instead of layers.



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Hi prisoner849.
I’m new for three, I read your demo and I found if i wrote line 68 as “scene.background = createBackground(”#053030", “black”);", just set background for the other scene, and I got no growing again.
can’t undestand it, is there any diffrence for three?