[SOLVED] Best way to translate, rotate, or scale a group of vector3 at the group level

While applying a matrix transform to a single vector3 is pretty straight forward with the applyMatrix methods.
What would be the best approach to apply matrix to a group of Vector3s at the group level.

My first thought is just create a geometry and push in vector3s (even though I don’t need the geometry to be around, use it as a vessel to perform transformations). Then apply matrix transformation on the geometry and then extract out the vertices once i’m satisfy. Is this probably the best way?

Hi! :slight_smile:
You can create just a THREE.BufferAttribute(), fill it with vectors’ data and then use .applyToBufferAttribute() method of your matrix.

Thanks, I will give that a try. I haven’t used the bufferAttribute directly before and didn’t know it could handle such task. Now I have a reason to get into it :slight_smile: