Sketchbook v0.4 (three.js + cannon.js playground)

There should be an update on the Cannon trimesh to allow other mesh to collide, the polyhedron is too expensive to process, the trimesh is fast, can anyone make the cannon trimesh work with other meshes?

I like the colors because it is simple and makes me comfortable

I don’t get it. How do I get the helicopter to move forward faster?
Good demo, anyway. You could add different types of planes and even ships and boats!

And then the helicopter just speeds forward

The Sketchbook demo has instructions when you first load it up.

The helicopter uses the same controls as Grand Theft Auto.

This other helicopter example also uses the same controls as Grand Theft Auto.

Practice on this, or Grand Theft Auto, and then try the Sketchbook helicopter again.

thanks a lot

What about the airplane?

what about it?

Like the controls are a bit too sensitive, I always go a bit more than I want to, plus I keep crashing the plane.

Sketchbook is licensed MIT. Just like Threejs.
This means that there is no guarantees or warranties that it will be exactly the way you want it to be.
But you can fork it, and put in your own effort, if you want to make it better.


There’s a glitch. If you turn your airplane over like this:

Then, get out of the plane using F. You will “eject” yourself out of the world (nearly).

The part that I circled that is popping out of the ground is the head of the player.
Sometimes, it even gets you completely out of the world.