Sketchbook v0.4 (three.js + cannon.js playground)


Also check out CrookTown, which is a modification of Sketchbook in active development.

Sketchbook itself probably won’t be extended further anytime soon.


Ya you should make it multiplayer and add more maps and new vehicles.

sounds like a gta for me HAHHAHHA

please make a javascript version for non typescript programmers like me

whens the next update

That comment makes no sense. Just run the compiler (tsc) and you’ll have a javascript version.
I would (highly) recommend learning Typescript though, especially if you’re working on larger projects :smiling_face:

it does make sense to me because I don’t know type script, I have ideas in typescript but I am used to jquery and javascript. The compiler creates a minified version of the typescript which cannot be modified directly. Yup I am leaning typescript on my freetime.

That’s not true.

we would love to see an update, with new maps and features, like shooting and map