Singularité - 3D Multiplayer world (School Project)

This is Singularité, a 3D mutliplayer mini adventure ! We carried out this project as part of an assignment for our studies in interactive design and innovation management. The four of us - two designers and two developers - worked on it between April and June 2023. The theme given by our teachers was loneliness and middle-schoolers. The objective was to design a visual, creative & interactive experience based on WebGL (Threejs) technology, responding to the theme’s problematic.

Link : https://singularité.fr


This project is so cool

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thats a very beautiful game, please go on.

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Looks great! Is that a Pegasus galaxy Stargate? :smiley:

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Thank you very much ! We had a lot of fun creating it

Thanks a lot ! We put a lot of inspiration and passion into creating this atmosphere :smile:

Many thanks ! Stargate was part of the inspiration for the portals :grin:

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