Showcase of my game, Силуэт (Silhouette)

Hey fellas!

Thought I’d share with you a small prototype I’ve been working on for last few months. Never thought I’d bring it to a playable state but the outbreak kinda halved my workweek (and my salary :slight_smile:) so here it is. Still a ways to go until the finished thing but the look and feel is basically there. Its visuals are inspired by all my favorite PlayStation and Saturn classics and I tried to make the music match its sorta nostalgic vibe. Anyway, you can play it here Силуэт or check out the project page for code and assets GitHub - georgewaraw/siluet: I also put a gameplay video on YouTube so here’s a link for that:

It should run ok on most devices and browsers but I get the best performance in Chrome. Chrome also avoids the audio loading issues that I occasionally encounter in Safari.

The gameplay is still WIP so there’s just one area that you traverse in top-down view and a few enemies you have to shoot in first-person. As for the controls, I’ll just paste from GitHub:

on desktop, navigate the area in top-down perspective by clicking the middle of the screen to move forward and left, right, or bottom of the screen to turn in the appropriate direction. Alternatively, use the WASD or the arrow keys. Change into the first-person view by pressing the G key or the spacebar. In this view, simply use the mouse to aim at the enemies and click to shoot.
on mobile devices, traverse the area by tapping the screen to move forward and swiping left, right, or down to turn. To enter the first-person view, swipe up. Here, the gun will follow your finger’s movement. To shoot an enemy, simply tap on it.

Anyway, I kinda want to write some more about my vision and my inspirations but the post’s already pretty long so I’ll just end it here. If you have any feedback or questions, please do let me know. Thanks for reading, stay safe!


Hi there! I just stumbled on this post in a very random way. After trying Siluet, I went and tried some of the other projects on your github too. I really like your style! Please keep making things :v:

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Thanks, I definitely will. Haven’t had much free time since graduating but I just can’t let this stuff go. The way I see it, these are just tiny glimpses of the big project I cannot yet realize :slightly_smiling_face:

Nice website!

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Thank you! I feel the same way about my work… every little project I build out into something “complete” is gradually crystalising the “big” project :joy: I’m obsessed with the idea of it and must chase it at all costs!

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Well, best of luck to us both! It’s a long road but the journey’s well worth it.

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Agreed. Yes, best of luck to us both :slight_smile:

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