Plasma Rifle demo (Mobile Compatible)

You can play it here: plasmaGun :slight_smile:

I was inspired by the Plasma Rifle of Doom


those towers do not seem to take any damage, or if they do I do not know how long do I need to keep shooting them. please add a health bar or something

nice demo, here’s a fun screenshot :

I guess the game considers it as me hitting the top of that structure :slight_smile:

I like the aesthetic, great job :mermaid:

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I really dig how the plasma spheres explode after impact!! Great stuff!

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Ah, they are not damagable actually, you just shoot :slight_smile:

Haha, nice edge-case right here! Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback!

The loading speed is fast and wonderful!
I also want sound effects.


Thanks for the feedback! Adding audio support is on the roadmap of the engine :slight_smile: