Showcase of my game, Lunarine

Hello, friends!

I came across this community a few days ago and decided that this would be a good place to post about my current project. It is my latest attempt at building an arcady game. It has lo-fi audio and trippy, retro-inspired 3D graphics. Here’s a short demo:

You can play it yourself here:

Controls are simple: on desktop, press the A, D, or arrow keys to move left or right. On mobile, just swipe left or right. If you happen to run it on an older/lower-end device (older than iPhone 7), I would really appreciate performance feedback!

The goal of the game is to get as many points as possible. You do so by moving to the part of the screen that is being distorted. But, being there also damages you, so it is important to move to a clearer area before it’s too late. A Reddit user described it as “the floor is lava, and lava is points, sucker!” which I think is fairly accurate.

Anyway, I really hope that you enjoy! The code is available at I am currently trying to rewrite it using ES6 modules to make it easier to work on. I started doing this stuff during my free time about a year ago. I knew next to nothing about JavaScript or 3D graphics. Although I’m still an amateur, I am quite happy with my slow but steady progress.


Works on an iPhone 5, iOS 10.3!

My only question is, if you lose health by earning points, then wouldn’t every player die at the same number of points?

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Nice, good to hear! My previous work chugged on a 6 so I was worried. As for the points, not at all. Basically, while you are gaining both points and damage at the same time, by moving away from distortion right before you die and jumping back in once you recover health is the key to getting a high score. Of course, this can be tricky as the distorted side keeps switching at random, meaning that you might be at the brink of death, move away to what you think is safety, but end up taking damage again because the sides switched with you. You can see that happen to me at the end of the video.

Who needs weed :herb: when you have Lunarine :new_moon_with_face:

It would be cool if you could see your score live to track progress. Also, please dont allow control keys to restart the game. In your game (as well as in real life) death comes unexpected, so I often find myself restarting before I even see my score

Prettttty tripppppy :alien:


Noted, glad you like it!

Very smooth on my Moto G6.
But swiping even a tiny bit moves me more than a screen width so it’s impossible to steer.

Edit: just tried again in landscape mode, it’s a little better.


Got it, I’ll have to look into that. Thanks!