On-Screen Joysticks, Character Animation, and Orbital 3rd-Person Camera

On-screen joysticks for browser-based games? This was pretty challenging considering I haven’t seen the inside of a Math classroom in like 20 years. Lots of muddling through algebra and geometry and “wtf even is a cosine again?” kind of inner dialogs. I booted up CoD and GR: Breakpoint over and over just to compare the controls. 3 days later, here are some super sweet on-screen joysticks for animated character control with an orbital third-person camera, all in super clean(-ish) classes. I welcome any suggestions. https://codepen.io/HoraceShmorace/pen/BawmVzO


Very interesting. Will this approach also work well with touchscreens?

Just try it out. It runs fine on my not-so-new smartphone.

I tried it on my not-so-new Surface table and it didn’t respond. But I am more interested in how it works on an iphone and ipad-liked device, so that is encouraging.

Admittedly, I didn’t test it on a single Windows device. I did test on a Kindle (Android), an iPhone 12 mini, and a new iPad Pro, and it worked as expected.