ShadowMap error on iPhone

Hi at all :slight_smile:
I have an error when set receiveShadow on a Mesh, (in iPhone browser and not in Chrome PC). This is the error:

and this is the result (the street must be receive the shadow but nothing :frowning: )

Have you any idea? Thanks for help :blush:


Could be a WebKit issue. So you have this problem with Safari on iOS right? Can you please specific the exact version of the browser and OS?

Can you also share a link to your application? I can test if the problem occurs with macOS (10.13.6) and the desktop version of Safari.

Hi Mugen… I have found a relation with spotlight (for car’s lights)… when I added le light to scene the objects with ‘receiveShadow’ at true… turn to black :open_mouth: there is some limitations for lights?


Not really. Can you please post the requested information?

Sorry for delay.
The iOS is 12.1, Safari I don’t know… I don’t find the version (but I think there is just one).


@Mugen87 here the sources :smile: (1.4 MB)



Your application looks good on Safari 12.0.1 and macOS 10.13.6.


So this issue might be limited on the iOS version of Safari. I suggest you file a bug at the following website. The three.js project can’t help here since it’s a browser/device problem.

Yep. It looks identical to your local version.

Yes, works fine in safari Mac, but not on iOS :slight_smile:
now I will generate a fake spotlight with a panel as workaround.
Now I have a new problem… the shadow I don’t know why, some times dissapears when reload the page. And sometime during the game. have you any idea? (on Safari 12.0.1 OSX)


No, not really. I’m not able to reproduce this behavior with your application.

When the shadow suddenly disappears, you might move the object out of the shadow camera.